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By Walter Lord

The whole tale of the sinking of the huge, informed via Walter Lord in acclaimed and riveting chronicles of the ship's doomed maiden voyage.

In simply hours and 40 mins, 1,500 souls have been misplaced at sea whilst the RMS colossal succumbed to the icy waters of the North Atlantic. according to interviews with sixty-three survivors, an evening to recollect tells the tale of that fateful evening, delivering a meticulous and engrossing examine one of many 20th century's so much notorious failures. within the evening Lives On, Lord revisits the unsinkable send, diving into the multitude of theories—both authentic and fanciful—about the Titanic's final hours. used to be the send fairly christened prior to environment sail on its maiden voyage? How did its instant operators fail so badly, and why did the within reach Californian, simply ten miles away whilst the immense struck the iceberg, no longer come to the rescue? jointly for the 1st time, Lord's vintage bestseller an evening to recollect and his next examine The evening Lives On provide notable perception into the maritime disaster that keeps to fascinate and horrify an entire century later.

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