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Vampires are the fabricated from unnatural concentrations of unfavourable strength generated via conflict, famine, cannibalism, or nice injustice. the traditional vampire that we all know because the universal type is way faraway from this primary reason, however it nonetheless prospers at the similar adverse power. Vampires have a traditional sensitivity to areas the place destructive power swimming pools, and for the reason that they can be stumbled on on the heart of wars, revolutions, and corruption. yet there's extra to this tale. Unbeknownst to all however the so much erudite sages, vampires are an important byproduct of the traditional order of items. the method that varieties a vampire spawn from a creature slain by way of a vampire really sucks ambient detrimental strength out of the major fabric aircraft, concentrating it within the undead lifestyles strength of the newly revived spawn. Vampires act as dwelling conduits of damaging strength, channeling it into themselves via their very own activities, then feeding off it and destroying it within the technique. therefore, the deities that govern reliable and legislation enable vampires to exist. Their fans are despatched to defeat the vampires, however the scales can by no means tip too some distance. through their very nature, vampires act as lightning rods for adverse strength; as they feed off it, they decrease its focus on this planet, and so they soak up the foul byproducts of human clash that might differently allure a long way higher evils. a number of vampires achieve actual perception into their traditional place on the earth. those arch-vampires don't settle for that the gods may still "allow" vampires to exist. the main strong arch-vampires develop into demi-gods and shuttle to the outer planes, the place they direct armies of minions and sponsor different arch-vampires. the entire advisor to Vampires takes you into this international of bloodlust and gear in an exploration of the best monster of all time. research of the various different types of vampire, the unusual strength that connects all of them, and the higher implications in their presence on the planet. This booklet makes use of the 3.5 version of the d20 principles set, and is totally appropriate with the world’s most well liked function taking part in online game.

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Prerequisite: Blood drain, arcane spellcaster, caster level 5th Benefit: You can expend blood points to cast an arcane spell. The spell must be one you are already capable of casting this day due to normal class abilities. As a free action, you can expend a number of blood points equal to the spell level in order to gain access to the spell. Casting the spell then requires the usual casting time. For example, casting magic missile requires 1 blood point and a standard action. You must still cast the spell as usual, using whatever time, components, or other requirements are necessary.

Lightning Enchanted (Su): At 3rd level, anyone in physical contact with the lightning zombie takes 1d6 electrical damage. He may turn this ability on or off at will, once per round; for a given round it is either on or off. He automatically inflicts this damage to any creature that attempts to grapple him or touches him in any way. Any creature that strikes the lightning zombie with a natural weapon or a metal melee weapon takes the damage as the lightning arcs outward from his body. Any melee strike the lightning zombie makes against any enemy automatically deals an extra 1d6 lightning damage.

Hit Die: d12 Requirements To become a lightning zombie, a character must fulfill all of the following criteria. Transformation Process: Transforming a creature into a lightning zombie requires a laboratory worth at least 500 gp, specialized equipment, a subject (unwilling or not), and the ability to generate electricity (whether natural or magical). Building the specialized equipment requires the Craft Wondrous Items feat, and costs another 100 gp and 25 XP. Once the equipment and laboratory are built, they can be used for multiple transformations.

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