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By Emily Nagoski Ph.D.

An important exploration of why and the way women’s sexuality works—based on groundbreaking study and mind science—that will extensively rework your intercourse lifestyles into one choked with self assurance and joy.

Researchers have spent the decade attempting to strengthen a “pink capsule” for ladies to operate like Viagra does for males. So the place is it? good, for purposes this e-book makes crystal transparent, that capsule won't ever exist—but as a result of study that’s long gone into it, scientists within the previous few years have discovered extra approximately how women’s sexuality works than we ever concept attainable, and Come as You Are explains it all.

The first lesson during this crucial, transformative publication by way of Dr. Emily Nagoski is that each lady has her personal targeted sexuality, like a fingerprint, and that girls fluctuate greater than males in our anatomy, our sexual reaction mechanisms, and how bodies reply to the sexual global. So we by no means have to pass judgement on ourselves in response to others’ reviews. simply because ladies differ, and that’s normal.

Second lesson: intercourse occurs in a context. And all of the issues of lifestyle effect the context surrounding a woman’s arousal, hope, and orgasm.

Cutting-edge learn throughout a number of disciplines tells us that an important issue for ladies in growing and maintaining a satisfying intercourse existence, isn't really what you do in mattress or the way you do it, yet how you're feeling approximately it. which means rigidity, temper, belief, and physique snapshot aren't peripheral components in a woman’s sexual wellness; they're vital to it. when you comprehend those components, and the way to steer them, you could create for your self larger intercourse and extra profound excitement than you ever concept possible.

And Emily Nagoski can turn out it.

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If a hymen tears or bruises, it heals. 5 Also, it usually doesn’t bleed. Any blood with first penetration is more likely due to general vaginal tearing from lack of lubrication than to damage to the hymen. What does change when a woman begins having the hymen stretched regularly is that it grows more flexible. And as a woman’s hormones change as she approaches the end of adolescence (around twenty-five years old), the hymen is likely to atrophy and become much less noticeable—if it was noticeable at all.

Second, I am passionate about the role of science in promoting women’s sexual wellbeing, and I have worked hard in this book to encapsulate the research in the service of teaching women to live with confidence and joy inside their bodies. But I’ve been very intentional about the empirical details I’ve included or excluded. ” And I cut the puzzles. I kept only the science that has the most immediate relevance in women’s everyday lives. So what you’ll find in these pages isn’t the whole story of women’s sexuality—I’m not sure the whole story would actually fit in one book.

Male “hardness” (erection) is a necessary prerequisite for intercourse, and “wetness” is taken to be an indication that a woman is “ready” for intercourse (though in chapter 6, we’ll see how wrong this can be). Since intercourse is assumed to be the center of the sexual universe, we’ve metaphorized male hardness and female wetness as the Ultimate Indicators of Arousal. —organized in different ways. We put a spotlight on male hardness and a spotlight on female wetness, but male wetness is happening too, and so is female hardness.

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