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In this hugely readable textual content, the writer info the findings of an exhaustive sequence of reports of Isreali strive against veterans, documenting the results of strive against tension response on psychological and actual healthiness, social interplay, and armed forces effectiveness. as well as delivering psychological wellbeing and fitness execs, trauma sufferers, and army body of workers with an unprecedented resource of data, the work's exploration of the cultural, social, and political methods affecting restoration from wrestle pressure response deals a distinct point of view of up to date Isreali culture.

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There were casualties who became listless and passive, who withdrew into themselves, sitting off to the side, gazing into space, not talking to anyone, not fighting. There were casualties who became very restless and irritable, their frustration threshold plummeting. Some exhibited strong startle reactions. Some burst into rage out of all proportion to the supposed provocation; some picked, criticized, and complained about every trivial detail, especially those that had anything to do with the planning, organization, or implementation Gf the various military tasks.

I even defecated in the stronghold. After that, I said, when I can, I'll go out. And everyone began to laugh .... One night we were supposed to go out on a mission, and I told my commander that I wanted to rest a bit because I can't go on .... I was trembling terribly. I was really afraid .... I wanted to commit suicide. " Micki's CSR shows the same polymorphic lability as Avi's, with many similar symptoms: paralyzing fear of death, emotional and physical PSYCHOLOGICAL BREAKDOWN ON THE BATTLEFIELD 29 numbness, lethargy, withdrawal, depression reaching the level of suicidal ideation, inability to eat, and trembling.

Distancing is the term we assigned to the reporting of psychic numbing, fantasies of running, and engaging in thoughts about civilian life. It explained 20% of the total variance. All three are means by which the soldier tries to block the intrusion of unbearably threatening battlefield stimuli and/or to distance himself mentally and emotionally from the fighting (Beebe & Apple, 1951; Klinger, 1975; Shontz, 1975). Psychic numbing, a blunting of one's senses and perceptions, is the soldier's distancing himself from his inner self.

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