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Retention time and peak areas are the most useful information. Retention times are used to confirm the identity of the unknown peak by comparison with a standard. In order to calculate analyte concentration peak areas are compared with the standards which is in known concentration [10]. Direct detection of anions is possible, providing a detector is available that responds to some property of the sample ions. For example anions that absorb in the UV spectral region can be detected spectrophotometrically.

Ion exchange chromatography, which is also known as adsorption chromatography, is a useful and popular method due to its; • high capacity, • high resolving power, • mild separation conditions, 37 38 Column Chromatography • versatility and widespeared applicability, • tendency to concentrate the sample • relatively low cost [17]. General components of an ion-exchange chromatography are presented as below (Figure 4). • A high pressure pump with pressure and flow indicator, to deliver the eluent • An injector for introducing the sample into the eluent stream and onto the column • A column, to separate the sample mixture into the individual components • An oven, optional • A detector, to measure the analyte peaks as eluent from the column • A data system for collecting and organizing the chromatograms and data In ion-exchange chromatography, adsorption and desorption processes are determined by the properties of the three interacting entities; • The stationary phase, • The constituents of the mobile phase • The solute [18].

28] Moldoveanu S. C. & Kiser M. Gas chromatography/mass spectrometry versus liquid chromatography/fluorescence detection in the analysis of phenols in mainstream cig‐ arette smoke Journal of Chromatography A 2007; 1141(1) 90-97. , Stokke T. , Jgensen, K. B. & Beyer J. Characterization of al‐ kylphenol metabolites in fish bile by enzymatic treatment and HPLC-fluorescence analysis Chemoshpere 2008; 71(7) 1392-1400. , Hayen H. & Karst U. Liquid Chromatography with On-Line Electrochemical Derivatization and Fluorescence Detection for the Determi‐ nation of Phenols, Analalytical Chemistry.

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