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Chapter 1 Chairman's starting comments (pages 1–2): R. A. Mccance
Chapter 2 the advance of Physiological law of Water content material (pages 3–8): E. F. Adolph
Chapter three mobile elements of the Electrolytes and Water in physique Fluids (pages 15–35): Hugh Davson
Chapter four Hypernatraemia and Hyponatraemia with detailed connection with Cerebral Disturbances (pages 36–61): Paul Fourman and Patricia M. Leeson
Chapter five Glandular Secretion of Electrolytes (pages 62–77): Jorn Hess Thaysen
Chapter 6 Hormonal elements of Water and Electrolyte Metabolism when it comes to Age and intercourse (pages 78–101): G. I. M. Swyer
Chapter 7 physique Water cubicles through the Lifespan (pages 102–115): H. Victor Parker, Knud H. Olesen, James Mcmurrey and Bent Friis?Hansen
Chapter eight The influence of Variable Protein and Mineral consumption Upon the physique Composition of the growing to be Animal (pages 116–138): William M. Wallace, William B. Weil and Anne Taylor
Chapter nine The impression of Age at the Body's Tolerance for Fasting, Thirsting and for Overloading with Water and sure Electrolytes (pages 139–153): Nathan B. Talbot and Robert Richie
Chapter 10 medical outcomes of the Water and Electrolyte Metabolism extraordinary to Infancy (pages 154–164): E. Kerpel?Fronius
Chapter eleven The impression of Hormones of the Pituitary and Adrenal Glands at the removing of Sodium, Potassium and a Water Load in baby Rats in the course of the Weaning interval (pages 165–179): Jiri Krecek, Helena Dlouha, Jiri Jelinek, Jarmila Kreckova and Zdenek Vacek
Chapter 12 changes within the trend of Electrolyte and Water Excretion in old and young Rats of either Sexes according to Adrenal Steroids (pages 180–198): P. A. Desaulles
Chapter thirteen The influence of Age at the Electrolytes within the pink Blood Cells of other Species (pages 199–208): M. J. Karvon
Chapter 14 the improvement of Acid?Base keep an eye on (pages 209–228): E. M. Widdowsoan and R. A. Mccance
Chapter 15 The function of the Kidney in Electrolyte and Water law within the elderly (pages 229–249): N. W. Shock
Chapter sixteen Age and Renal Diseaseage and Renal sickness (pages 250–263): G. C. Kennedy
Chapter 17 Renal functionality in respiration Failure (pages 264–270): D. A. ok. Black
Chapter 18 Water and Electrolyte Metabolism in Congestive Failure (pages 271–300): Z. Fejfar
Chapter 19 A Case of Magnesium Deficiency (pages 301–310): W. I. Card and that i. N. Marks
Chapter 20 Concluding feedback (pages 311–314):
Chapter 21 Chairman's remaining comments (pages 315–317):

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Failure of thirst. Even when losses of water do go unrecognized by the clinician, there is no danger of water depletion as long as the patient responds normally with thirst and is able to drink. For example, in uncomplicated diabetes 42 PAULFOURMANAND PATRICIA M. , but he was then very thirsty, and he would not tolerate the [Na] rising any higher. On the other hand, patients who are apathetic, weak, disorientated or unconscious may be unaware of thirst, or unable to respond to it. I n these patients even normal losses of water may lead to water deficiency with hypernatraemia.

1949). J . exp. , 89, 185. OPIE, E. (1954). J . exp. , 99, 29. ROBINSON, J. R. (1952). Proc. roy. ,140 B, 135. SCHWARZ, W. (1953). Z. , 38, 26. SPERRY, W. ,and BRAND,F. C. (1939). Proc. Soc. exp. , N . Y . , 42, 147. STEINBACH, H. B. (1954). Symp. exp. ,8, 438. DISCUSSION Talbot :I was most interested, Dr. Davson, in your comments about the cellular oedema that occurs in ‘sick’ cells. It has been shown that animals deprived of potassium, and thereby subjected to a combination of cellular potassium insufficiency and cellular sodium intoxication, show a tendency to cellular oedema.

Renal effects of water deficiency. Before leaving the question of hypernatraemia due to water deficiency it may be noted that in many of the reported cases the disturbance apparently produced a disorder of tubular function, manifested by oliguria with isosthenuria or by the excretion of urine with a high pH in the presence of a systemic acidosis (Cooper and Crevier, 1952 (Case 4); Gordon and Goldner, 1957; Allott, 1957). This suggests that severe water deficiency may be accompanied by tubular damage; Allott (1939) noted a tubular degeneration in two of his cases post mortem.

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