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Soon they all fade away, unless someone with the ability to strike ghosts (anyone with a magical weapon, for example) troubles them. Unlike Susannah, the rest of the Josons can interact with living beings, and they are certainly not friendly! ” Susannat a third-magnitude geist, owing to the fact that she died traumatically. (See the “Background” section). Her appearance is humanoid and either beauteous and corrupted, depending upon who looks at her. Her origin is due to dedication, or rather, a variation of that insatiate yearning that creates a ghost: guilt.

Shortly after the wedding, a Vistani crone confronted Jediah Joson in the village, dramatically prophesied that his family was cursed, and promptly fled into the Mists. In truth, she had been paid by Rafe to make the false claim in front of a superstitious public. Then, he began to murder the Joson family, one by one, securing his hold on the family fortune. First, he killed Susannah’s brothers by entertaining them with copious amounts of wine, then tying rocks around their ankles and casting them into a small pond on the family estate, after they had fallen into a drunken slumber.

One special physical component is required a s well: A red rose must be introduced to the funeral in some way. One or more of the characters may wear one, or a bud may be placed at the grave site. If the adventurers have quickly ascertained that they must recover Susannah’s body from the pond and bury it, but do not include the rose, then the Josons frown and fade away, and Susannah continues to appear every night a s scheduled. When all is properly concluded, Susannah kisses each hero on the cheek, so quickly they cannot object.

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