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This quantity goals to offer the fundamental thoughts, measurements, and strategies of infrared spectroscopy and to survey, as thoroughly as attainable, its chemical purposes.

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2 Elements with radiogenic nuclides that can be measured via (multi-collector) ICP-MS [9, 16]. 0999) . 8 Â 109 years) 87 87 Rb ! 2730) . 001621) . 35100) Osb Os . 06 Â 1011 years) 147 Sm ! 57 Â 1010 years) 176 Lu ! 0165) . 2748) . 2365) . 5621) Re ! 010 Â 109 years) 238 235 There is also a smaller fraction (3%) of No information provided in [11]. 176 Lu that decays to 176 Yb via electron capture. leading to mass-dependent isotope fractionation. In addition to mass-dependent fractionation, mass-independent isotope fractionation has also been observed for metalloids and metallic elements (see below), but their occurrence is much less common and their effect often less substantial.

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