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In fact, some (such as iron, zinc, and calcium ions) are essential in small quantities to human health or improve the flavor of water. If you live in a rural area, your home probably has its own water supply system. A well driven deep into an aquifer brings water to the surface by an electric pump. A small pressurized tank holds the water before it enters the pipes in your home. Let's continue tracing water to its origins. Most water falls to the earth as rain (and, if it's cold enough, as snow).

You will test for the presence of iron(III), Fe3 +, and calcium, Ca2 + , cations, as well as chloride, CI-, and sulfate, SOl-, anions. (Notice that when the positive or negative charge of an ion is more than one, WATERS 34 ~ Solutions Color Precipitate Is Ion Present? FeH reference There are two types of iron ions: Fe2 + is designated Fe(IJ); Fe3+ is Fe(IIIJ. ) You'll perform each confirming test on three different samples: • a reference solution (known to contain the ion of interest) • tap water (which mayor may not contain the ion) • a control (distilled water, known not to contain the ion).

What would be the consequences? 2. a. For which tasks could you reduce your water use? b. How? 3. Impurities added by some water uses may not interfere with reusing the same water for other purposes. For example, you might decide to save hand-washing water, using it later to bathe your dog. a. For which activities could you use such impure water ("gray water")? b. From which prior uses could this water be taken? Clearly, pure water is a valuable resource no one should take for granted. Unfortunately, water is easily contaminated.

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