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By Kenneth W. Busch, Marianna A. Busch

content material: old assessment of spectral stories : from sun to lasers / B.A. Paldus and R.N. Zare --
advent to cavity-ringdown spectroscopy / Kenneth W. Busch and Marianna A. Busch --
advent to optical cavities / Kenneth W. Busch, Aurélie Hennequin, and Marianna A. Busch --
Mode formation in optical cavities / Kenneth W. Busch, Aurélie Hennequin, and Marianna A. Busch --
Absorption spectroscopies : from early beginnings to cavity-ringdown spectroscopy / B.A. Paldus and R.N. Zare --
Cavity-ringdown laser spectroscopy historical past, improvement, and functions / A. O'Keefe, J.J. Scherer, J.B. Paul, and R.J. Saykally --
Quantitative absorption measurements utilizing cavity-ringdown spectroscopy with pulsed lasers / J. Patrick Looney, Joseph T. Hodges, and Roger D. van Zee --
Dispersion and cavity-ringdown spectroscopy / Kevin okay. Lehmann --
Cavity-ringdown spectroscopy as opposed to intra-cavity laser absorption / Daniele Romanini --
Fourier rework and polarization based cavity-ringdown spectroscopy / Richard Engeln, Giel Berden, and Gerard Meijer --
Infrared cavity-ringdown laser absorption spectroscopy of brief species in pulsed supersonic expansions / J.B. Paul, R.A. Provencal, C. Chapo, E. Michael, A. Pettersson, and R.J. Saykally --
Cavity-ringdown laser absorption spectroscopy of polyatomic radicals in low strain / J.J. Scherer, K.W. Aniolek, and D.J. Rakestraw --
Kinetic stories of fragrant radical reactions through cavity-ringdown spectroscopy / J. Park and M.C. Lin --
Cavity-ringdown tools for learning intramolecular and intermodular dynamics / Fredrick C. Hagemeister, Caleb A. Arrington, Brent J. Giles, Bobby Quimpo, Limin Zhang, and Timothy S. Zwier --
utilizing FM equipment with molecules in a excessive finesse hollow space: a proven route to <10⁻¹² absorption sensitivity / Jun Ye, Long-Sheng Ma, and John L. Hall.

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ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1999. 29 (a) Location of beam waist Mirror 1 withfli Mirror 2 with R Mirror 1 with R i Mirror 2 with R 2 2 Figure 5. 2- (a) Stable cavity composed of two concave mirrors; (b) Stable cavity composed of a convex mirror (1) and a concave mirror (2); (c) Unstable cavity composed of two concave mirrors. Note that R\ and R2 are also the diameters of the circles drawn tangent to the surfaces of the respective mirrors, and L is the distance between the two mirrors.

We have seen previously in our discussion of the Fabry-Perot cavity that the condition for resonance is the formation of a standing wave within the cavity, where the phase shift < > | corresponding to a round-trip within the cavity must be an integral multiple of 2rc. For a Hermite-Gaussian wave, the total phase shift that occurs when going from one end of the cavity to the other (half of a round trip) is given by (31) where O is the total phase shift, k is the propagation number given by 2TTA, L is the length of the cavity, n and m are the Hermitian mode indices in eq 20,ty(z)is defined by eq 23, and p is an integer (the longitudinal mode index).

If the medium is homogeneous and n = n', the determinant of the ray transfer matrix will be equal to one. Let us apply this concept to a ray propagating in a homogeneous medium over some distance d as shown in Figure 3. The initial parameters of the ray are r(z) and ct(z). ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1999. 23 Figure 3. Ray propagating through a homogeneous medium. (3a) r(z') = r(z) +a(z)d (3b) a(z') =a(z) Because the medium is homogeneous, the ray is not deviated from its initial direction.

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