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Gravier, Jean Francois (1947) Paris et Ie desert Francais: decentralisation equipment et population etc. (Paris). Hallie, Philip (1979) Lest Innocent Blood be Shed (London: Michael Joseph). ) Women and Philosophy. Towards a Theory of Liberation (New York: G. P. Putnam). Janeway, Elizabeth (1980) Powers of the Weak (New York: Knopf). Lapping, Brian (1985) End of Empire (London: Granada). Lewis, Jane (1980) The Politics ofMotherhood. Child and Maternal Welfare in England, 1900-1939 (London: Croom Helm).

311) points out, 'Cyprus has always proved a strategic disappointment' to those who have sought to control the island. Greek, Turkish and British cultureshave each left their imprint, the first two representing the major population groupings. 7 per cent. But after the war and the partition of Cyprus, the Turkish-speaking population increased from 115758 in 1974 to 150000 by 1980 as a result of the Turkish government's settlement policy in the occupied section of the island. 1 Although the prehistory of the island goes back as far as the beginning of the sixth millenium, it was not until the second millenium that Achaean Greeks founded city kingdoms there on the Mycenaean model and introduced the Greek language, religion and way of life.

Krojzl describes older men as being forced into passivity and obedience to their employers and younger men as unemployed, dilatory and associated with drug trafficking and other criminal activities. Power relations The study of Turkish migrants leads us away from conventional notions of the exercise of power as something that has to be seen within a formal institutional framework. In many of these chapters the reader is also likely to find a variety of informal powers that women have at their disposal outside the public orientation, powers that, in consequence of this, often go unrecognised.

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