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Full-color images is paired with sincerely written textual content during this fascinating first reference publication concerning the international of castles and knights.

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35 The Crusades In 1096, Christian Europeans went to the Middle East to fight the Saracens—Muslim warriors who were taking over the land. The nine wars that followed over the next 200 years were known as the Crusades. How it began The Christian Emperor of Byzantium asked Pope Urban II to help defend against the Saracens. He gave a speech to the rulers of Europe, and persuaded them to go to war. The People’s Crusade It wasn’t only knights who supported the Pope. Peasants, women, and children went off on their own People’s Crusade.

Garrison A group of soldiers who lived in the castle. gauntlet The part of a suit of plate armor that covered the hand, like a metal glove. glaive A weapon with a long blade on the end of a pole. great tower The main tower of a castle. It usually contained a hall, the lord’s rooms, and storerooms. greave The part of a suit of plate armor that covered the shin. heraldry Use of coats of arms to identify knights and noble families. joust A competition between two knights on horseback. They used lances to knock their opponent off his horse.

It is made in sections, or plates, so it is quite easy to walk in, but it is very hot to wear. Mail to plate Mail is flexible armor made from iron rings linked together. It gave little protection against swords; hard steel plates were better. Italian armor made in 1380. Coming in the mail ali h an far e t for tourna elm e me se-h o l C O During the 14th century, coifs were replaced by helmets with mail attached at the bottom. Many later helmets had no mail. elmet for war s nt On your head It The Bayeux Tapestry shows the Norman invasion of England in 1066.

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