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By Richard M. Bateman

This ebook addresses important matters, comparable to the assessment of shale gasoline reservoirs and their construction. themes contain the cased-hole logging surroundings, reservoir fluid homes; circulate regimes; temperature, noise, cement bond, and pulsed neutron logging; and casing inspection. creation logging charts and tables are integrated within the appendices. The paintings serves as a entire reference for construction engineers with upstream E&P businesses, good logging carrier corporation staff, collage scholars, and petroleum education professionals.

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B. c. d. Find ρwsc = ___ g/cm3 Find ρwwf = ___ g/cm3 Hence Bw = ___, and qwwf = ___ BWPD 28 3 Reservoir Fluid Properties Gas Solubility in Water. Gas is soluble in water; the solubility is a function of temperature and water salinity. 10 gives a means of finding Rsw. 10 to find gas solubility in water for a given set of input parameters is given here below: Twf = 180 °F, pwf = 3,400 psia, CNaCl = 20,000 ppm. 1 . (Top) Enter the abscissa at Twf = 180 °F 2. Go up to pwf = 3,400 psia 3. Read R′sw = 16 cf/B 4.

For conditions above pb, μo increases by a factor, ∆μ, given by the second part of the chart. Fig. 22 Oil viscosity. Courtesy Schlumberger Oil Formation Volumes Factor 45 Oil viscosity at downhole well flowing conditions (μowf) can conveniently be derived using this chart. For example, if the starting points are: γo = 30° API, Twf = 200 °F, pb = 1,700 psia, pwf = 2,700 psia, Rsb = 400 cf/B Then: 1. Enter ordinate at γosc = 30° API 2 . Go right to Twf = 200 °F (Point A) 3. Go down to Rsb = 400 (Point B) 4.

745, find Co = ___ b. 12, find Bo for the following conditions: a. 44, pb = 3,800, and pwf = 4,800 ∴ Bo = ____ b. 375 ∴ Bo = ____ Oil Density. Oil density at well flowing conditions is another vital piece of data for interpretation of gradiomanometer surveys. It is a function of γg, Rs, Bo, and γo. 21 combines all the appropriate data on one chart and gives ρowf as a result. Oil density at well flowing conditions ( ρowf) may be estimated using the chart by following an example calculation. 21 1.

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