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Capillary Gas Adsorption Chromatography V. G. Berezkin and Jaap de Zeeuw Copyright 0 2002 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH i3 Co. g. [18]). Separation of compounds on these columns is mainly based on differences in the interactions of the molecules of chromatographed compounds with a liquid stationary phase. 3-111. The important role of gas-solid chromatography has been stressed by many researchers. Thus in the introduction to the book “Adsorption Gas and Liquid Chromatography” [l 11 Kiselev and Yashin wrote: “Significant progress has been attained in gas adsorption chromatography.

Rudzinski W. In: Chromatographic Theory and Basic Principles. ). 157. 10. C. Anal. Chem. 36 (1964) No. 7, 1173. 11. 1. Gas- und Flussigadsorptionschromatographie. Huthig Verlag, Heidelberg, 1985. 12. G. In: Gas Chromatography 1962. M. ). 36. 13. C. J. Chromatogr. 5 (1961) 61. 14. , Guiochon G. In: Advances in Chromatography 1971. ). 115. 15. L. Int. Lab. (1986) No. 78. Chapter 2 54 16. W. Lab. (1986) No. 5, 68. 17. E. A. Cramers, J. de Zeeuw, K. Grolimund, J. J. L. B. Lipsky, P. Sandra, G. Schomburg, U.

Capillary Gas-Solid Chromatography 25 c1 4 I sec 150 120 I 90 Y I 60 I I 30 0 Fig. 2-1b Separation of nitrogen-containing compounds on an open capillary column [14]. 5 mm, sorbent 5% cobalt phthalocyanine on Sterling FTG carbon black, temperature 178 "C, elution order: methane, 2-picoline, 2,6-lutidine, 2,3-lutidine, 2,4-lutidine + 2,5-lutidine, aniline, etoluidine + N,Kdimethylaniline, N-methylaniline, ptoluidine, mtoluidine, 3-picoline + 4-picoline. Chapter 2 26 Capillary adsorption columns can be prepared with a relatively thick adsorbent layer (up to 50100 pm).

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