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By William McGowen Priestley

Proposing arithmetic as forming a average bridge among the arts and the sciences, this booklet makes calculus obtainable to these within the liberal arts. a lot of the mandatory geometry and algebra are uncovered via historic improvement, and a bit at the improvement of calculus bargains insights into where of arithmetic within the heritage of idea.

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For each of the curves below, specify the domain and the range. Specify either by draw- 1. Tokens from the Gods 28 ing pictures or by writing an inequality, whichever is easier. ) (5, 10) I 0 (6, 7) • (8, 7) • (6,4) (1,4) (1,2) G (7,2) (-2,2) (8, -2) 10. Referring to the functions F, f, G, and g pictured in the preceding problem, find (b) Limit fat 6. (a) Limit Fat 3. (c) Limit Gat 1. (d) Limit g at 3. (e) Limit gat 7. (f) F(3). (h) G(1). (g) f(6). (j) g(7). (i) g(3). 11. Still referring to the functions F, lowing questions.

Must every curve necessarily have a highest point and a lowest point? Certainly not. The curve f of Example 1 has no highest point. Reason: The range of costs is not bounded above. There exists no most expensive way to build that fence. The curve g of Example 2 has no lowest point. Reason: The grazing area is to be a rectangle and thus cannot have an area of zero, yet the area A ranges arbitrarily close to zero. There is no least possible grazing area for Minerva. 1. Suppose, in Example 1, the pen was to enclose 30 square yards instead of 12, the costs of stone and wood remaining the same.

5. What is limg at 1202? 6. What is g(1202)? Answer: Since the function g is not allowed to act at the point 1202, g(1202) does not exist. 7. What is g(O)? 8. What is lim gat 0? 9. 1? Answer: It does not exist. 10. 1? §8. " "That is doubtful," replied Lim, "for you are still likely to confuse purpose with action. " said Lim, "A right answer, but for a wrong reason. Just as I expected. When the gods inquire about your purpose at 600, they have in mind something more subtle than you imagine. To reply that g(600) is 180,000 is to state your action at the point 600.

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