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By Timothy R. Pauketat

The attention-grabbing tale of a misplaced urban and an extraordinary American civilization

While Mayan and Aztec civilizations are widely recognized and documented, quite few everyone is acquainted with the most important prehistoric local American urban north of Mexico-a web site that specialist Timothy Pauketat brings vividly to existence during this groundbreaking booklet. virtually 1000 years in the past, a urban flourished alongside the Mississippi River close to what's now St. Louis. equipped round a sprawling imperative plaza and referred to as Cahokia, the location has drawn the eye of generations of archaeologists, whose paintings produced facts of advanced celestial timepieces, feasts large enough to feed millions, and nerve-racking indicators of human sacrifice. Drawing on those attention-grabbing reveals, Cahokia provides a full of life and surprising narrative of prehistoric the US.

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