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Книга о главной винтовке британской армии. Это оружие сослужила хорошую службу британцам в колониях. Лондон много и часто экспортировал его племенам Белуджистана и Афганистана. Подробно рассмотрено устройство винтовки. Описаны модификации, системы заряжания и т.п. Издание предназначено в первую очередь для коллекционеровстрелкового оружия.

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Five varieties of locking bolts are encountered. First Variation: Used on No. 4 Mk I and Savage Mk 1* rifles (and their conversions), this locking bolt (Figure 2-11) has a round knurled thumb piece. Designated the Mk 1, it is the most commonly encountered locking bolt. It is milled from a Fig. 1st Variation Locking solid forging, and the shaft of Bolt the thumb piece is considerably thinner than that of later locking bolts. Second Variation: A wartime expedient used on some early No. 4 Mk I rifles, this locking bolt (Figure 2-12) has no screw threads on the spline and Fig.

Second Variation: A wartime expedient used on some early No. 4 Mk I rifles, this locking bolt (Figure 2-12) has no screw threads on the spline and Fig. 2-12. 2nd therefore no safety catch is used Variation with it. Designated the Mk 2, it Locking Bolt was deemed unsafe and was replaced on most rifles with a first or third variation locking bolt. The spline and thumb piece are machined separately and held together with a pin. Fig. 2-13. 3rd Variation Locking Bolt Third Variation: Another war-time production expedient, this locking bolt (Figure 2-13) has an indent in the top of the thumb piece rather than knurling.

4 series rifles have the year of manufacture stamped on the left side of the buttstock socket or stamped or electro-engraved on the left side of the action body. In addition, those rifles undergoing conversion or arsenal reconditioning (Factory Thorough Repair) are marked with a later date. , 1942, 1943)—either on the buttstock socket or on the action body; beginning 23 BRITISH ENFIELD RIFLES Table 1-4 Dates of Manufacture Factory Model and Mark No. 4Mk1* No. 4 Mk 2 No. 4 Mk 1/2 No. 4 Mk 1/3 No.

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