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The tone generator circuit board is inside the transceiver case. 0”) square, mounted external to the transceiver. • Anti-Tamper Features: None. • Power Source: The transmitter is powered by the internal ICOM rechargeable battery pack. The receiver has two 9-Volt battery clips in parallel through a switch. Two standard 9-Volt batteries would power the unit for less than one day. 75426 Iraqi ICOM-based Single-Tone R/CFS Unclassified//FOUO Unclassified//FOUO Al Qa’ida Singe Tone Encoder Recovered in Afghanistan in late 2002, these circuits generate a single tone that can be used to modulate a standard handheld transceiver to actuate the receiver of an R/CFS.

Trigger: Shock on the horizontal axis. Springloaded plungers operate one of two microswitches to complete the detonator circuit. 57286 • Anti-Tamper Features: None. Iraqi Improvised Sea Mine Unclassified//FOUO 2/4/04 Unclassified//FOUO Iraqi Improvised Sea Mine Unclassified//FOUO • Safe-Arm Delay: Adjustable at assembly from minutes to days (see Sheet 88717). Recovered devices had safe-arm delays of one to two hours. 6”) outside diameter. 6”) overall in the heatshrink tubing. 2” diameter). • End of Mission Timer: Delays may be set with thumbwheel switches between a minimum of one minute and a maximum of 99 days, 99 hours, and 99 minutes, in one minute increments.

Anti-Tamper Features: None 2/12/04 Unclassified//FOUO 54433 Iraqi Programmable Timer Iraqi Programmable Timer Unclassified//FOUO • Power Source: Generally 9-Volt battery. 050” thick). • PC Board Substrate: Epoxyfiberglass or phenolic. • Circuit Base: Type 4536 Oscillator/Divider IC. • Concealments: None, though some are wrapped in masking tape. The circuit layout is comparable to the fixed-delay timer (Sheet 12989), except that the number of divider stages is controlled by the sixteen-position (hexadecimal - base 16) thumbwheel switch, marked 0-9, A-F.

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