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Blood and religion is a riveting chronicle of the expulsion of Muslims from Spain within the early seventeenth century. In April 1609, King Philip III of Spain signed an edict denouncing the Muslim population of Spain as heretics, traitors, and apostates. Later that 12 months, the whole Muslim inhabitants of Spain used to be given 3 days to depart Spanish territory, on chance of death.In the brutal and annoying exodus that undefined, whole households and groups have been obliged to desert houses and villages the place they'd lived for generations, leaving their estate within the arms in their Christian associates. via 1613, an envisioned 300,000 Muslims have been faraway from Spanish territory.

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Such tolerance was not constant or universal. In 1066 as many as three thousand Jews may have been massacred in Granada in a popular pogrom whose causes have never been clear. There was a great difference between the way Jews were treated in tenth-century Córdoba and their subsequent treatment under the stricter and more conservative Almoravids and Almohads during the taifa period, when they were discriminated against and sometimes obliged to wear yellow badges as a mark of their second-class status.

Like all minorities, the Mozarabs faced the risk of the long-term erosion of their distinctive religious and cultural features through continuous contact with the culture of a dominant majority. Though some Muslim rulers included Christians in their courts, social mobility and high office were generally reserved for Muslims and Arabic speakers—a tendency that undoubtedly increased the temptation to convert to Islam. Even Christians who chose not to convert were not immune to the Muslim culture that surrounded them.

For all its political weakness, Granada did not lend itself easily to military conquest. Its walled towns and cities, fortified castles, and mountainous terrain presented formidable obstacles to an invading army. Determined to avoid failure, Ferdinand and Isabella slowly assembled their forces. It was not until December 1481 that a Muslim raid on the frontier town of Zahara was used as a pretext to invade the emirate. For the next decade, as many as sixty thousand cavalrymen and infantry fought their way across the river valleys, plains, and high sierras of Granada, supported by supply columns and irregular units whose sole purpose was to burn and destroy enemy crops.

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