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This ebook is an advent to biophilosophy, written essentially for the scholar of biology, the training biologist, and the trained layperson. It doesn't presuppose technical wisdom in biology or philosophy. even if, it calls for a willingness to envision the main simple foundations of biology that are so frequently taken without any consideration. in addition, it issues to the bottomlessness of those foundations, the secret of existence, the Unnamable .,. i've got attempted to extra the notice that organic statements are in accordance with philosophical assumptions that are found in our minds even earlier than we input the laboratory. those assumptions, which regularly harbor robust commitments, are uncovered through the ebook. i've got attempted to teach how they impact concrete biolog­ ical study in addition to our own lifestyles and society. therefore, emphasis is put on the relationship among biophilosophy and organic study at the one hand, and biophilosophy and the human at the other.

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One may have to accept the idea then that at least some of the scientific shifts are continuous and thus do not correspond to Kuhn's model of revolutionary science. Probably a whole continuum from sudden (revolutionary) to gradual (evolutionary) shifts can be found in the history of science. One might question whether in the case of a gradual shift the notion of incommensurability still applies. I think that in spite of the continuous change the difference of the early and late view may be so striking that they may indeed be incommensurable.

If empirical adequacy is more highly valued then integrative generality, a few conflicting facts may lead more easily to the overthrow of a theory than in the opposite case in which preference is given to internal consistency, elegance, and neatness. However, the process of theory retention and replacement is more complicated than that. It is greatly influenced by the mutual relationship of r and g. r is "the factor of resistance to theory-innovation due to textbook indoctrination with a reigning paradigm (resulting in a failure to perceive anomalous data; its interpretation by ad hoc auxiliary hypothesis; or its suppression as a temporarily insoluble problem),' (Laszlo 1973, p.

The context which is indicated in Fig. 6 is omitted here) 24 To adherents of this postulate agreement between deduced and observed states of affairs does not mean proof of the hypothesis, but simply confirmation. , Carnap 1936/37; Hempel 1966 ; Martin 1967). Even the most highly confirmed hypothesis is shakable. Therefore, progress in science does not result from a gradual accumulation of proven hypotheses, but occurs through elimination of falsified hypotheses. It is assumed that as more and more hypotheses are falsified, we retain eventually those that are highly confirmed.

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