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By Helmut Sigel, Roland Sigel

Steel Ions in organic structures is dedicated to expanding our realizing of the connection among the chemistry of metals and lifestyles tactics. The volumes replicate the interdisciplinary nature of bioinorganic chemistry and coordinate the efforts of researchers within the fields of biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, coordination chemistry, environmental chemistry, biophysics, pharmacy, and drugs. quantity forty three makes a speciality of the colourful learn sector in regards to the biking of parts, metals, and non-metals in biology and geology; in 10 chapters this e-book deals an authoritative and well timed account in this interesting topic

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Gallium and Other Main Group Metal Compounds as Antitumor Agents Michael A. Jakupec and Bernhard K. Keppler 14. Metal Ion Dependent Antibiotics in Chemotherapy David H. Petering, Chuanwu Xia, and William E. Antholine Volume 44. Biogeochemistry, Availability, and Transport of Metals in the Environment 1. Atmospheric Transport of Metals Torunn Berg and Eiliv Steinnes 2. The Marine Biogeochemistry of Iron Alison Butler and Jessica D. Martin 3. Speciation and Bioavailability of Trace Metals in Freshwater Environments Laura Sigg and Renata Behra 4.

Pendergrass and Boyd E. Haley 17. Interaction of Mercury with Nucleic Acids and Their Components Einar Sletten and Willy Nerdal 18. Mercury Responsive Gene Regulation and Mercury-199 as a Probe of Protein Structure David L. Huffman, Lisa M. Utschig, and Thomas V. O’Halloran 19. Bacterial Mercury Resistance Genes John L. Hobman and Nigel L. Brown Subject Index Volume 35. Iron Transport and Storage in Microorganisms, Plants, and Animals 1. Biological Cycling of Iron in the Ocean Neil M. Price and Franc¸ois M.

Synthetic Metallopeptides as Probes of Protein-DNA Interactions Eric C. Long, Paula Denney Eason, and Qi Liang 15. Targeting of Nucleic Acids by Iron Complexes Alexandra Draganescu and Thomas D. Tullius 16. Nucleic Acid Chemistry of the Cuprous Complexes of 1,10-Phenanthroline and Derivatives David S. Sigman, Ralf Landgraf, David M. Perrin, and Lori Pearson 17. Specific DNA Cleavage by Manganese(III) Complexes Dennis J. Gravert and John H. Griffin 18. Nickel Complexes as Probes of Guanine Sites in Nucleic Acid Folding Cynthia J.

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