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By Floyd E. Bloom (auth.), Leslie L. Iversen, Susan D. Iversen, Solomon H. Snyder (eds.)

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1975, Characteristics of the release of cyclic adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate from micropipets by microiontophoresis, J. Cyclic Nucleotide Res. 1:97-106. SIGGINS, G. , HOFFER, B. , and BLOOM, F. , 1969, Cyclic adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate: possible mediator for the response of cerebellar purkinje cells to microelectrophoresis of norepinephrine, Science 165: 10 18-1020. SIGGINS, G. , HOFFER, B. , and BLOOM, F. , 1971a, Studies on norepinephrine-containing afferents to Purkin je cells of rat cerebellum.

1969). At rest, these animals assumed an asymmetrical posture with adducted limbs on the contralateral side and abducted limbs on the ipsilateral side. A parallel histochemical study in this series of experiments revealed that the major part of the dopamine terminals in the caudate nucleus-putamen had become strongly green fluorescent, especially those situated close to the site of injection. The above effects could also be produced by intrastriatal injection of norepinephrine (although it appeared to be less potent than DA) and by apomorphine (10 JLg/5 JLI).

When dopamine is injected into the third ventricle, it may act not only on the median eminence but also on a large number of neuron systems other than the tuberoinfundibular dopamine system. , 1972a). , 1972b). The control of releasing hormone secretion by dopamine released in the median eminence from terminals of dopaminergic fibers projecting from the arcuate nucleus (Fuxe and Hokfelt, 1966, 1970) might be exerted by causing specific changes in neural activity in the median eminence. Changes in multiple-unit activity in the arcuate nucleus and median eminence have been shown to be correlated with the stimulation of an ovulatory surge of luteinizing hormone (Terasawa and Sawyer, 1969).

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