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What's superstring thought and why is it very important? Can superstrings supply the fulfilment of Einstein's lifelong dream of a thought of every thing? Co-authored via Michio Kaku, one of many prime pioneers of superstrings, this can be a exciting account of the discoveries that experience led scientists to the brightest new prospect in theoretical physics this day. With all of the pleasure of a detective tale, this ebook includes the most recent ground-breaking learn in physics, and gives a desirable examine the clinical examine which could make the very unlikely attainable.

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On the other hand, general relativity has scored brilliant successes in its own domain: the cosmic scale of galaxies. The black hole, which physicists believe is the ultimate state of a massive, dying star, is a well-known prediction of general relativity. General relativity also predicts that the universe originally started in a Big Bang that sent the galaxies hurtling away from one another at enormous speeds. The theory of general relativity, however, cannot explain the behavior of atoms and molecules.

Imagine standing on a high mountaintop and throwing a rock, which eventually falls to the earth. The faster you throw the rock, the farther it goes before it falls to the earth. In fact, argued Newton, if the rock were thrown with sufficient velocity, it would circle the earth and hit you in the back of your head. Like a rock circling the earth, the moon is simply a satellite continually falling to the earth. This elegant picture conceived by Newton predated the launching of artificial satellites by three centuries.

To a physicist, it is an intoxicating notion that the vast storehouse of information of our physical universe, painfully accumulated over several thousand years of careful investigation, can be summarized in one theory. For example, German physicists have compiled an encyclopedia, the Handbuch der Physik, an exhaustive work that summarized the world's knowledge of physics. The Handbuch, which physically occupies an entire bookshelf of a library, represented the pinnacle of scientific learning. If the superstring theory is correct, then all the information contained in this encyclopedia can be derived (in principle) from a single equation.

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