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Until the late 1970s the general attitude towards Japan's young 'returnees'those children who return from residence overseas was not necessarily positive (ISEK, 1995). They were often perceived as 'problem kids' (Yashiro, 1995a) because they could not adjust to mainstream Japanese culture and its education system (Goodman, 1990). Teachers who received returnees in their classes were concerned about the academic progress of these pupils and found their ability to handle the standard Japanese curriculum to be behind that of the average Japanese child (ISEK, 1995).

In Chapter 2, Kazue Aizawa explains the situation at Japanese Saturday Schools in the UK. She mentions that within a total of only 80 hours a year (40 Saturdays a year with two hours' teaching each Saturday) it is hard to follow the same national curriculum set for children in Japan. She also adds that having to be able to read and write 2000 Chinese characters during the nine years of compulsory education poses a real difficulty for both the pupils and for the teachers. Next, Michael Garman reviews the normal development of English by native British children for the purpose of giving a basis for comparison with Japanese children's acquisition of English.

Yamamoto, M. (1991) Bairingaru. Tokyo: Taishukan. Page 13 Yashiro, K. (1991) Kikokusei no bairingarizumu. In J. Maher and K. Yashiro (eds) Nihon no bairingarizum (pp. 61-92). Tokyo: Kenkyusha. Yashiro, K. (1995a) Japan's returnees. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development 16, 139-64. Yashiro, K. (1995b) The right to speak: Language maintenance in Japan. C. Maher and G. Macdonald (eds) Diversity in Japanese Culture and Language (pp. 227-48). London: Kegan Paul. Page 15 PART 1: LANGUAGE LEARNING AND JAPANESE CHILDREN IN THE UK Page 17 Chapter 1 Statistical Overview of Japanese Children in the UK and Language Environment Survey Asako Yamada-Yamamoto Statistical Overview of Japanese Children in the UK.

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