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By Nikolai N. Korpan (auth.), Nikolai N. Korpan MD, PhD (eds.)

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I ~ 50 I ! i - - cryo OTIC ( n = 8 ) - ·_ ·- cryo ( n = IS ) 60 day 40 20 30 50 Mean survival time after cryos u rgery combined with OTI C 10 100 ~ -·-~~~ - % ·· ·, 50 .... _, .. , oil-bleo had a striking effect against squamous cell carcinoma in conjunction with cryosurgery. Two representative cases are demonstrated as follows: Case 1. Tongue cancer, recurrent, a 46-year-old male. A recurrent tumor on the left side, found November 1986 (Fig. 8A). Oil-bleo, 30 mg, was injected intratumorally and on the periphery of the tumor, and was immediately followed by cryosurgery.

9) in rabbit normal accessory glands, and these antibodies were proved to be tissue- or organspecific and species-specific. Antibodies in serum in syngeneic mice tumor systems were demonstrated by Blackwood et al. (3). And Ablin et al. (2) elicited antibodies reactive with prostatic tissue in man, as demonstrated by the immunofluorescence technique. Further, Mochizuki (6) reported transfer of tumor-specific immunity by infusion of the cryoimmune lymphocytes to other rats, showing establishment of passive antitumor immunization.

Cryosurgery alone (- • -l, n = 15 Fig. 8A. A tongue cancer male, 46 y. A recurrent tumor on the left margin before cryosurgery Fig. 8B. Appearance 10 years later. Shows tissue defect and a scar, but no recurrence since cryochemotherapy Fig. 9A. Atongue cancer, recurrent, female, 85 y. The tumor invaded mandibular bone 29 30 N. N. ) Basics of Cryosurgery References Fig. 9B. Six months after cryochemotherapy. Tongue functions are maintained, and no tumor cells detected afterwards (Fig. 9A). Cryosurgery, immediately after injection of oil-bleo, 30 mg intratumorally and in the adjacent area, resulted in unexpected eradication of the tumor, and no recurrence thereafter (Fig.

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