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Climatic factors that might lead to illness. This protective function is particularly important in the prevention of illnesses. This "protective Qi" is known as Wei Qi and is concentrated mainly at the body surface. Jing, the life essence, also has an important role in the description of the life processes. The life essence is regarded as the material basis of Qi. " The evolutive processes in the body, differentiation of the organs and growth, are also traditionally considered to reflect the action of Jing.

Mental activity and sexual potency, Ming Men Huo, fire of the gate of life form the Yang aspect. The kidney nourishes the bones, joints and teeth, rules the ears and manifests in head hair. The kidney energy weakens in old age. One Yin and one Yang organ form a functional unit, which involves a particular tissue, and the corresponding channels. The channel called also meridians (ling) can be compared with a branch deriving from the tree represented by the organ. The acupuncture points are situated along the channel like buds.

Although this has not been shown in adult mammals, there is indirect evidence of its effects in humans. ) provided the tissue is kept moist. LA in amplitude [80]. DC fields and currents have also been implicated in bone healing, plant growth, embryology and spinal cord regeneration in paraplegic guinea pigs [132]. Preliminary studies on normal human volunteers in our laboratory indicate that needling the skin produces decrease of local skin resistance which lasts 1-2 days [174]. LA) to be of possible benefit to tissue growth and regeneration [15, 145].

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