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By Caroline Humphrey, Stephen Hugh-Jones

This ebook issues barter, a transaction within which items are exchanged without delay for each other wit....

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Creery, 1983: 4). There is some uncertainty about native agency here, since the Inuit were at once 'forced* and actively forsaking - but perhaps there is no contradiction if one takes the irresistible magnetism of whites' commodities for granted. There is even some congruence between these images and those of some Pacific Islanders, who render their ancestors as victims. took the best land from us in exchange for items like empty bottles, tobacco, soap,fishinglines and hooks. Then they began to convert proud The cultural dynamics of peripheral exchange and dignified Solomon Islanders into a workforce of down-trodden and degraded human beings...

Report on the Marquesas, In: South Seas Letters, Council for World Mission collection, School of Oriental and African Studies Library, London. Dornin, T. A. 1826-1830. Journal kept on board US Frigate Rrandywine. Navy Records, National Archives, Washington. Crskine, J. E. 1853. Journal of a Cruise among the Islands of the Western Pacific. London: Murray. Flcurieu, C. P. C. de. 1798. Voyage autour du momle 1790-1792 par Etlenne Marchand. Paris: Imp. de la Rdpublique. Forbes, Charles. 1815. [in the ship Indus].

However more or less severe outbreaks of illness were almost a universal feature of contact, and the distinctive caution of the Niue people with respect to Europeans may rather be explained by the pre-contact character of their representations and experience of strangers. In much of Polynesia (and for that matter in other regions) chiefs were regarded as immigrants or invaders, as sources of extra-local things or powers, to be domesticated and incorporated into an indigenous order (cf. Sahlins, 1985:73-103).

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