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Histochem. , 14, 414. (1967). J. Roy. Micr. Soc, 87, 489. (1968). , 8, 115. A P P L E T O N , T . C , P E L C , S . , a n d T A R B I T , M . H . (1969). J. , 5, 4 5 . B I T E N S K Y , L . , S I L C O X , Α . Α . , a n d C H A Y E N , J . (1965). J. Roy. Micr. Soc, 84, 397. G A H A N , P . B . , a n d R A J A N , A . K . ( 1 9 6 6 ) . ^ . Exp. , 17, 34. G A H A N , P . , M C L E A N , J . , K A L I N A , M . , a n d S H A R M A , W . (1967). J. Exp. , 18, 151. M E R R Y M A N , Η . T . (1956).

F r e e z i n g or Q u e n c h i n g t h e T i s s u e s W h e n a tissue is frozen, cellular and extra-cellular water usually freeze at different rates so that depending on the speed of freezing ice crystals are formed (Merryman, 1950, 1960). I n the ideal physical state where only water is present vitreous ice is formed with rapid freezing (Pryde and Jones, 1957), b u t it is doubtful whether this ever happens in biological material where there is a rapidly changing complex of solutes. T h e tissue is damaged by the formation of large ice crystals to an extent which makes sectioning difficult or impossible and which results in a distortion of the subsequent histological detail.

Sectioning. See description for animal material. Smears or squashes Smears or squashes can be effectively used for autoradiography. Preparations m a d e by any of the standard techniques are fixed and washed, and then set u p for autoradiography as described for sections. IV. S e t t i n g u p A u t o r a d i o g r a p h s If sections from e m b e d d e d material are used it is necessary to remove all of the wax before the application of photographic emulsion. For smears and squashes, proceed straight to "Application of emulsion".

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