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The Atlas of Electromyography is a visually appealing publication which gives prime quality anatomical illustrations of skeletal muscle tissues that come with nerve, plexus, and root provide pictures of every muscle in fit matters to allow the practitioner to spot the optimal website of EMG needle insertion medical positive factors of the most important stipulations affecting peripheral nerves and electrodiagnostic techniques for confirming suspected lesions of the peripheral frightened approach. The atlas is split into sections at the significant peripheral nerves. each one nerve is illustrated and its anatomy reviewed within the textual content. The authors offer an in depth define of the medical stipulations and entrapment syndromes that impact the nerve, together with an inventory of etiologies, scientific positive factors, and electrodiagnostic concepts used for every symdrome. every one muscle provided via the peripheral nerve is proven as an anatomical representation with a corresponding human picture. The textual content presents information regarding the muscle starting place, tendon insertion, voluntary activation maneuver, and location of optimal needle insertion. The needle insertion aspect is pointed out in either the anatomical representation and the corresponding photos. This assures that pertinent bone, muscular, and delicate tissue landmarks can be utilized to steer the electromyographer to a selected element at the pores and skin. power pitfalls linked to the needle insertion are further, frequently noting adjoining muscle mass or constructions that could be mistakenly entered. medical correlates pertinent to the muscle being tested also are supplied. The Atlas of Electromyography serves as an anatomical consultant for practitioners of electromyography and neurologists, in addition to citizens i neurology, actual medication, and rehabilitation

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The nerve arises from the upper trunk of the brachial plexus and passes obliquely outward beneath the trapezius and omohyoid muscles to reach the suprascapular notch of the scapula. This notch is bridged by the superior transverse scapular ligament to form an osseofibrous foramen through which the suprascapular nerve passes to enter the supraspinous fossa. In the fossa, the nerve lies beneath the supraspinatus muscle, which it innervates. 74 44 45 reach the spinoglenoid notch. This notch is covered by the inferiortransverse scapular (or spinoglenoid) ligament, which may also form an osseofibrous foramen through which the suprascapular nerve passes to enter the infraspinous fossa.

The head of the humerus, brachial plexopathy). The middle fibers of the deltoid Pitfalls A history of multiple intramuscular injections into originate in the lateral margin and There are no pitfalls. this muscle may confound needle findings. 38 39 superior surface of the acromion. Insertion Insertion is at the deltoid tuberosity on the lateral aspect of the humerus midshaft. Activation Maneuver Abduction of the arm activates the middle fibers of the deltoid (the middle fibers are assisted by the supraspintus).

Examination may origin of the extensor pollicis brevis; and at the If the needle is inserted too show neurogenic adjacent interosseous membrane. proximally, it may be in the changes when Insertion extensor carpi radialis, which is compression at the Insertion is at the base of the metacarpal bone of the innervated by the radial nerve. spiral groove produces thumb. (Note: The tendon forms the radial border of If the needle is inserted too axonal loss. â ) medially (ulnarly), it may be in the In a posterior Activation Maneuver extensor digitorum communis, interosseous nerve Radial abduction and extension of the thumb which also receives innervation lesion, needle activate the muscle.

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