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By Michael V. Wedin

Michael Wedin argues opposed to the existing proposal that Aristotle's perspectives at the nature of fact are essentially inconsistent. based on Wedin's new interpretation, the variation among the early conception of the Categories and the later thought of the Metaphysics displays the truth that Aristotle is engaged in particularly diversified tasks within the works--the past targeting ontology, and the in a while explanation.

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Xn is F. ” Even if such formulations are equivalent to (H), they suggest that the Categories is primarily interested in sentences. This makes it easy to miss the point of introducing the onymies in the first place and obscures the strategy of the first four chapters. ) Similar misgivings belie Matthen's confidence (1978) that there is consensus on the point that the Categories is intended to say something about different uses of the verb ‘to be’. As for Barnes, there is an independent problem with his formulation of synonymy: “x1 , x2 , .

For even if one said that MO's said-of relation provides a finer-grained way to group individuals, this is not reflected in Ackrill's first way. ” is asked of anything and everything. ” and get man and press the question until it terminates in the category term substance. ” with doing. As Ackrill (1963: 79) puts it, the second way “may be said to classify subject-expressions . . whereas . . [the first way] classified predicate expressions . . ” Of course, Ackrill is right on the last point. So what ought to be said is that Aristotle classifies things by means of language.

Yet (8) just is the kind of categorial grouping proposition that TR is charged with generating. Thus, because TR is a ladder principle that builds in synonymy and the said∐of relation, it appears to come up short. Simply put, it cannot make the final connection to the categories. By the same token, our attempt to provide a unified framework for the Categories appears to have suffered a mortal blow. Sometimes, however, appearances are just that, and this, I submit, is such a case. Notice, to begin, that in developing the account above I said only that the 0−level 〈 man〉synonymy group leads via TR to substance.

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