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By Leonardo Taran, Dimitri Gutas

This significant new editio maior of Aristotle's Poetics, in response to all of the fundamental assets, is an incredible contribution to scholarship. The introductory chapters offer very important new insights concerning the transmission of the textual content to the current day and particularly the importance of the Syro-Arabic culture. The Greek textual content is followed through an in depth serious equipment in addition to Notes to the textual content; additionally there's a Graeco-Arabic severe equipment and remark. An Index of Greek phrases, Indices, and a Bibliography supplement the paintings. This ebook could be an imperative software for all Aristotelian, students historians of Greek literature and feedback, and experts of the transmission and reception of classical works.

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127 Cf. pp. – supra. history of the text of the poetics  The following examples provide evidence of the availability of Aristotle’s scholarly writings during the Hellenistic age: Aristophanes of Byzantium’s Epitome,128 Athenaeus, Aelian, and others,129 show that Aristotle’s zoological writings could be found in Alexandria and probably in other cities as well. 132 In the case of Chrysippus, the following examples should suffice. 134 On the other hand, 128 Aristophanes’ work on animals is extant only in a Byzantine summary made by Constantine Porphyrogenitus.

Still later descendants of Neleus, fearing that, 111 Cf. Nr.  in Diogenes’ list: Πολιτικῆς ἀκροάσεως ὡς ἡ Θεοφράστου (sc. ἔκδοσις) α´ β´ γ´ δ´ ε´ ς´ ζ´ η´, probably our Politics. , p. , –. 113 In this section I adopt and expand on some of my remarks in Gnomon  (), pp. – = (), pp. –. I hope to publish elsewhere a full analysis of these four texts and others related to the transmission of Aristotle’s works. 114 Cf. in Theophrastus’ will (Diogenes Laertius V, ): τὰ δὲ βιβλία πάντα Νηλεῖ.

Politics . , b–a; Eth. Nic. , b–a; Düring, p.  (only; not p. ). 98 For example, in the Physics, Book VII, on which cf. Ross, Physics, pp. ff. In the case of the Metaphysics, Book Κ, chs. – (a–a) contain a shorter version (whether earlier or not) of what we find in books ΒΓΕ. Cf. note  infra. 100 His writings are dense and complex; the originality of his thought and his development of a technical philosophical terminology make them very difficult even for scholars in the field.

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