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By Birendra N. Pramanik, A.K. Ganguly, Michael L. Gross

Discussing concepts to figure out the constitution and machanisms of diverse compound classics, this publication covers new chemical and elctrophoretic suggestions for quick pattern preconcentration and separation. It summarizes breakthroughs within the thought and instrumentation of electrospray mass spectrometry in pharmaceutical and biomedical functions, offers useful examples for the characterization of peptides, proteins, and glycoproteins, comprises functions in proteomics, combinatorial chemistry, and drug characterization. themes contain chemical and electrophoretic recommendations for swift pattern preconcentration and separation, screening techniques for proteins from libraries of compounds, protein folding and dynamics, and extra

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Multiply charged species such as dications or dianions or high molecular weight compounds are candidates for ESI. Atmospheric pressure chemical ionization is usually the first choice for smaller, less polar compounds such as steroids or carotenoids, which are uncharged in solution and have relatively low proton affinities. The optimum polarity (positive ion or negative ion mode) is also compound-dependent. Many neutral compounds that can be analyzed by APCI can also be analyzed by electrochemical ESI with comparable sensitivity.

235) and referred to as Turbo IonSpray, a Sciex trademark. b. Thermal Desolvation and Dissociation (236–240). Adding heat can facilitate the droplet drying process (240). The early ESI source designs such as the Analytica of Branford source made use of a counterflow of heated nitrogen. A heated metal capillary interface introduced by Chait and coworkers in 1990 (236) provided a simple and effective alternative to the glass capillary and curtain gas interfaces. Rockwood et al. (237,239) showed that the heated capillary could be used to induce thermal decomposition, and Allen and Vestal (238) described an ESI source based solely on thermal desolvation with no gas counterflow.

The principal disadvantage to the sheath-flow approach is that it results in dilution of the sample, which increases detection limits. However, the sheath-flow approach is effective and easily implemented. It was shown that the pH of the sheath-flow liquid can affect the spectra observed in CE/MS (279), and a method for optimizing the needle and sheath position during operation was reported (251). b. Lab-on-a-Chip. A logical extension of the nanospray technique is to combine the nanospray ESI source with microchip technology.

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