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This ebook provides skilled builders perception had to construct firm purposes for Microsoft's .NET platform utilizing C#. huge code examples and a operating case examine illustrate .NET recommendations and applied sciences. After an summary of the programming version of the .NET framework, assurance contains the C# programming language, primary subject matters within the .NET framework akin to home windows types sessions and ADO.NET, internet programming utilizing ASP.NET and cleaning soap, and extra themes within the .NET Framework together with protection and interoperability. Stiefel is a specialist focusing on Microsoft expertise; Oberg is founding father of an organization that develops courseware on software program applied sciences.

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A floating-point or decimal literal is represented by a number with a decimal point or by exponential notation. You may influence the type [1] that is used for storing a literal by a suffix. The suffix f or F indicates single precision floating point. The suffix d or D indicates double precision floating point. The suffix m or M indicates decimal (think money). [1] We discuss C# types, such as float, double, and decimal, later in the chapter. 06m; decimal amount = 2000M; There are two forms for string literals.

The byte data type is an 8-bit unsigned integer. • The short data type is a 16-bit signed integer. • The ushort data type is a 16-bit unsigned integer. • The int data type is a 32-bit signed integer. • The uint data type is a 32-bit unsigned integer. • The long data type is a 64-bit signed integer. 54 55 • The ulong data type is a 64-bit unsigned integer. • The char data type is a Unicode character (16 bits). • The float data type is a single-precision floating point. • The double data type is a double-precision floating point.

Escape Characters in C# Escape Character Name Value \' Single quote 0x0027 \" Double quote 0x0022 \\ Backslash 0x005C \0 Null 0x0000 \a Alert 0x0007 \b 60 61 Backspace 0x0008 \f Form feed 0x000C \n New line 0x000A \r Carriage return 0x000D \t Horizontal tab 0x0009 \v Vertical tab 0x000B String Class The String class inherits directly from Object and is a sealed class, which means that you cannot further inherit from String. We will discuss inheritance and sealed classes in Chapter 4. When a class is sealed, the compiler can perform certain optimizations to make methods in the class more efficient.

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