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By Janis Galejs, A. L. Cullen, V. A. Fock and J. R. Wait (Auth.)

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2. Biconical and cylindrical dipole antennas. shape of Fig. 2b is sufficient. 47) C = ka\-, where b = a sin A and h — 2a cos A. The shape factor of the capacitor ka is given by Vilbig [1960] as 1677-6 *„=! 48) 54 ANTENNAS IN INHOMOGENEOUS MEDIA Ch. 51) where V is the voltage applied to the capacitor, and the capacity C, of the antenna due to the energy storage inside the dielectric is e,nb2 Cf = —fr. ■/,, because Rt = Gi(o)C)~2fori= rovL. 3. Comparison of the Two Antenna Types The loop antenna of a spherical dielectric core of radius a will be compared with a dipole antenna that fits in a sphere of same radius as indicated in Fig.

1. A flat dipole antenna and a complementary slot. A slot in a thin screen radiates the same amount of power into either of the two half spaces. 3). 6) should be doubled for slots which radiate in both directions. An experimental study of slot antennas and approximately complementary cylindrical antennas has been reported by King and Owyang [ 1960]. The exact quantitative equivalence between complementary quantities of infinitely thin strip antennas and slots in ground planes of zero thickness and infinite extent is changed into a qualitative agreement between the complementary quantities when cylindrical dipoles are compared with slot antennas in ground screens of a finite thickness.

Plots of 5, (0,) and S3 (6X) are shown in Fig. 1. The length of wire in this coil is / = 2A#/tana:. 26) as P = j£ = \(k2aycl{e1). 27) as •= — = 5 RL CitanSj C2(0X). 40) 52 A N T E N N A S IN INHOMOGENEOUS MEDIA Ch. 4 This ratio is approximately equal to antenna efficiency, provided Rr < RL. The constants C ^ ) and C 2 (0i) are plotted in Fig. 28). The above equations for loop antennas are valid only for a uniform current flow through the loop. Phase shifters may be required in larger loops to achieve this condition.

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