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By Carol Ann Rittner

Students, clergy, academics and writers current stimulating essays at the subject that Anne Frank's Diary movingly symbolizes the triumph of formative years innocence over totalitarian brutality. this can be of worth for sessions and learn teams with pursuits in faith and non secular ethics, the Holocaust, ethnic detoxification, discrimination, the position of the person in society, and the daunting ethical dilemmas posed by way of rising nationalisms around the globe.

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When the British liberated the camp in 1945, typhoid was so widespread that, in the weeks that followed, hundreds of survivors continued to die each day. As soon as they could, the British burned the entire camp, including the hundreds of corpses, to the ground. As a result, visitors cannot walk through narrow wooden barracks or into the gas chamber or crematorium, as they can in Dachau or Auschwitz. What is left is silence, emptiness, the whisper of fir trees, and the broad, pale northern sky.

I am grateful to the dedicated scholars who have prepared this text, which clears up some ambiguities and removes that precious diary from all but the vilest and most obtuse attacks. But, after all, what Anne Frank says to us stands above the translations and transmutations of that moment in time when a young girl clutched a diary to her bosom and wrote on the front end cover: "I hope I shall be able to confide in you completely, as I have never been able to do in anyone before, and I hope you will be a great support and comfort to me" (June 12, 1942).

We had nothing to eat, we were forced to do very harsh work. I ended up with typhoid, but I somehow managed to survive. Then we were evacuated from there at the end of January 1945. The Russian front was approaching rapidly and the Germans thought they [the Russians] might find us. Of course they [the Germans] didn't want that. We were forced on one of those so-called ''death marches," forced to walk round and round on those icy roads, with nowhere to go, without any food at all. Weeks and weeks of marching, with rifles and guns aimed at us all the time.

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