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So what would you usually do? Georgina: Shall I draw a table [desk]? Researcher: Yes. (After Georgina has drawn herself with a big smile) You’re looking pretty happy. 5 out of 10 on the self-rating scale for how happy she feels at maths time) Georgina: I’ll put the abacus. Researcher: So what things do you usually do in maths time? Georgina: Get out our maths books and do our maths. (Early Year 4) Jessica was not keen to draw herself, so drew her mathematics exercise book instead (see Fig. 20).

Late Year 4) Peter: By myself. Because they’re more noisy. (Early Year 5) Liam: By myself, unless it’s hard, then someone can help me. (Early Year 5) Dominic: Probably with someone else, so they can help me. But that’s only sometimes that I need to ask someone for help. (Late Year 5) Fleur: Well I don’t really cooperate that good. When it’s something hard, I like doing it with someone who knows how to do it. If someone’s, like, really poor at it, and I know I’m really poor at it, well I don’t want to do that, I want someone who knows what they’re doing, or if they’ve just got a tiny bit of an idea.

1 Jared (Early Year 3) Fig. 2 Peter (Early Year 3) Meeting the Mathematical Subjects Fig. 3 Mitchell (Early Year 3) Fig. 4 Liam (Early Year 3) Fig. 5 Toby (Early Year 3) 31 31 32 32 Fig. 6 Rochelle (Early Year 3) Fig. 7 Georgina (Early Year 3) Fig. 8 Dominic (Early Year 3) 3 Children at Work Meeting the Mathematical Subjects 33 33 Fig. 9 Fleur (Early Year 3) Fig. 10 Jessica (Early Year 3) The children were encouraged to talk about their drawings. Toby: This is the table and that on there is the worksheet (see Fig.

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