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By Kathleen Freeman

This e-book is a whole translation of the fragments of the pre-Socratic philosophers given within the 5th version of Diels, Fragmente der Vorsokratiker.

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Nor will the force of credibility ever admit that anything should come into being, beside Being itself, out of Not-Being. So far as that is concerned, Justice has never released (Being) in its fetters and set it free either to come into being or to perish, but holds it fast. The decision on these matters depends on the following: IT IS, or IT IS NOT. It is therefore decided—as is inevitable—(that one must) ignore the one way as unthinkable and inexpressible (for it is no true way) and take the other as the way of Being and Reality.

15. If it were not in honour of Dionysus that they conducted the procession and sang the hymn to the male organ (the phallic hymn), their activity would be completely shameless. But Hades is the same as Dionysus, in whose honour they rave and perform the Bacchic revels. p. 26 16. How could anyone hide from that which never sets? 17. For many men—those who encounter such things—do not understand them, and do not grasp them after they have learnt; but to themselves they seem (to understand). 18. If one does not hope, one will not find the unhoped-for, since there is no trail leading to it and no path.

To say. p. 37 Character for man is good destiny—but for some men, bad also. 17. The greatest sustenance for mortals on their journey is a pious life. 18. The best thing a man can have, in my view, is health. 19. A mortal should think mortal thoughts, not immortal thoughts. 20a. Sometimes I was in the home of these men, sometimes I was with those. 20. Know how he has treated another man! . 40 21. If you are by nature pious in mind, you cannot suffer any hurt after death; your spirit will survive above in heaven.

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