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By Lars V. Ahlfors (auth.), Julian Ławrynowicz (eds.)

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Gn]n= 1,2 .... N. V. on where x' on . 1 is s-almost e v e r y - equal to the old one. Z. 3). then be defined up to an equivalence class. be- The integral will 24 Some Algebras If F s S, A > O, and G(x)= F(Ix), we have G ~ S. Note. l< ~ For all EEG, n=l Then b6~ Proof. < ~ Hence ~6~ and the lemma is proved. 2 can be extended by omitting the restriction that bl' b2 ' "'" be real and non-negative. 4 Proof. Let The space S F I, F 2 E S is a linear space. H. A. s(E) = c I~I(E) + c 2~2(E) and complex numbers.

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