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By Kenzō Adachi (auth.), Saburou Saitoh, Nakao Hayashi, Masahiro Yamamoto (eds.)

Analytic Extension is a mysteriously attractive estate of analytic services. With this perspective in brain the similar survey papers have been amassed from a variety of fields in research equivalent to fundamental transforms, reproducing kernels, operator inequalities, Cauchy rework, partial differential equations, inverse difficulties, Riemann surfaces, Euler-Maclaurin summation formulation, a number of complicated variables, scattering conception, sampling idea, and analytic quantity conception, to call a few.
Audience: Researchers and graduate scholars in complicated research, partial differential equations, analytic quantity concept, operator conception and inverse problems.

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24 (1981), 244-247. 4. 0. Yu. lmanuvilov and M. Yamamoto, Global uniquen ess and stability in determining coefficients of wave equations, Preprint Series UTMS 2000-13, Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Tokyo (2000) . 5. V . lsakov, Uniqueness of the continuation across a time-like hyperplane and related inverse problems f or hyperbolic equations, Commun. in Part ial Differential Equations 14 (1989), 465478. 6. V. Isakov, Inverse Source Problems, American Mathematical Society, Providence, Rhode Island, 1990.

9) y(x, t) = 0, q(x, t) = { q(x), Here we set x E xEfl an, - r < t < r. t;::: o E fl , t S: 0. 11) X En, It I s: J. 12) { h(x, t) t) S(x, t)' = S'(x, h+(x, t) X En, it! 5) . 13) { hELCXJ (-6,6;W 2 ,CXJ(f2)), h(- ,t)=-h(-,-t) h_ E W2 ,CXJ(n x (-6, o)), h+ E W 2 ,CXJ(n x (O, 6)). 14) (w)(x , t) = w'(x, t)- h(x , t)w(x, t) in D(n x (-6, 6) )'- 36 Second Step. 16) < 1] < t5, 1, iti :::; Jt52 - 0, iti > t5. 1]2 En, -T < t < T by X S(x,t) = S(x,O) 0 :::; K(t) :::; 1, t E IR, + K(t)(S(x,t)- S(x,O)), X En, -T < t < T .

S. ,101, Akademie Verlag, Berlin, 1997. MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT, ROYAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, S-10044 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN. se DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS, UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SANTA BARBARA, CA 93106. E-mail address: mputinar~ath. ucsb. jp 1 Introduction In this note we present a survey of recent progress on analyticity of solutions to nonlinear SchrOdinger equations and generalized Korteweg-de Vries equation. We also state some applications of analytic function spaces to these equations. l) { iotu + t6u = N(u), {t, z) E R x Rn, u{O, z) = ua{z), z E Rn, where nonlinear terms N{u) will be defined in each theorem below and n denotes the spatial dimension.

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