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Drawing on decades of African adventure, John Reader has written a ebook of startling grandeur and scope that recreates the good landscape of African background, from the primeval cataclysms that shaped the continent to the political upheavals dealing with a lot of the continent at the present time. Reader tells the extreme tale of humankind's variation to the ferocious stumbling blocks of woodland, river and desolate tract, and to the specter of debilitating parasites, micro organism and viruses unrivaled in other places on this planet. He additionally indicates how the world's richest collection of animals and crops has helped - or hindered - human development in Africa.

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However, population density in 1961 was a paltry eight per km2. In the sharpest possible contrast the Eurotas furrow is, and must always have been, the heartland of Lakonia: population density in 1961 was sixtyeight per km2. It occupies an area of about 800 km2 between the basin of Megalopolis and the Lakonian Gulf. From a width of only six kilometres in the north it broadens out to twenty-five around the Gulf. Its relationship with the Megalopolis basin is not clearly defined, for the upper reaches of the latter spill over into the furrow at 500 m.

Dickinson 1977, 92), Kambos in the west Taygetos foreland. Each has produced exotic and expensive grave-goods, but far and away the most striking is the one at Vapheio, which deserves closer attention for four main reasons: first, the central place of Lakonia, whatever its precise location, will henceforth always be found in the Spartan basin; second, Lakonia is now seen to be marching in step with the hitherto seemingly more progressive regions of the Peloponnese; third, the quality of the artefacts from the Vapheio tholos is strikingly high; finally, and perhaps most instructively, the promise of the fifteenth century is not apparently fulfilled in the thirteenth in Lakonia, as it is in the Argolis and Messenia.

For convenience of exposition the furrow may be split into four: 15 Sparta and Lakonia a northern section stretching as far south as the Langadha gorge on the west and the confluence of the Kelephina (ancient Oinous) and Eurotas on the east; the Spartan basin; a section comprising the hill-country of Vardhounia on the west and the Pliocene table of Vrondama on the east; and finally the present H elos plain. The northernmost section lies between north Taygetos and Skiritis, whence flow the upper course and most important tributaries of the Eurotas.

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