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Aethro-Kinematics is an alternate thought for resolving the perplexities of recent mathematical physics and cosmology. The reinstatement of logic and classical good judgment. the straightforward physics of the 3rd millennium. A dissident replacement to modern theoretical physics. good judgment physics for resolving sleek mathematical paradoxes.

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Newton's gravitational law connects the motion of a body with the action of another body at the same time in the far distance. In Maxwell's field-equations we realized a new pattern for the laws of nature. They connect events, with other events which happen a little later in the immediate vicinity. The same way, our new gravitational field-equations are describing the changes of the gravitational field. 37 Aethro-kinematics CHAPTER TWO "3. Our world is not Euclidean. The geometrical nature of the world is shaped by masses and their velocities.

Relativistic Mechanics As Asimov explains: “To put it briefly, it is possible to deduce from Einstein’s assumption of the constancy of the measured velocity of light that the velocity of any moving body will always be measured as less than the velocity of light. ” Thus when someone throws a ball ahead from a moving car, classical physics simply adds the two velocities, the velocity of the car relative to the ground and the velocity of the ball relative to the car. The sum of these two equals the velocity of the ball relative to the ground.

We will elucidate it with the following example: Two fluid bodies of the same size and nature hover freely in space.... Let either mass as Some Retroactive Negatives judged by an observer at rest relatively to the other mass, rotate about the line joining the masses. This is a verifiable relative motion of the two bodies. Now let us imagine that each of the bodies has been surveyed by means of measuring instruments at rest relatively to itself, and let one surface prove to be a sphere and the other an ellipsoid of revolution.

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