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EU^ (12) This simplification thus leads to the same expression which Michaelis derived for [H+ ] at the isoelectric point. At the isoelectric point therefore (a) [A] is at a maximum, and the sum : of [A+ 3 and [A~3 is minimal. ) It is for this reason that the ampholyte is considered from an electrochemical standpoint to be isoelectric. If Ka and Kb are known, the [H+^i-p. may be easily calculated (6) [A+] (11) in (6) with the aid of Michaelis' equation. In the preceding table is compiled a number of values found in the literature.

68. In this example the concentration has an appreciable influence on the hydrogen ion concentration in solution. Hydrolysis at higher temperatures. 6. The equations describing hydrolysis equilibria apply as well at It has been shown that the degree of hyhigher temperatures. are and determined drolysis by w and by Kn\ or ^BOHpH K The effect of and bases heat on the dissociation constants of many acids NOTES I has determined the variation in the is slight. dissociation constants of acetic acid and ammonium hydroxide with temperature.

Portions must have an independent existence Consequently these for at least a short time during the electrolysis. These dynamic considerations led R. CLAUSIUS (1857), fifty years later, to conclude that in an electrolyte solution, even in the absence of a current, there must be present a number of free " electrical partial molecules" possessing an irregular heat motion. The effect of an electric current is to constrain these particles to move in a definite direction. Simultaneously, W. " Unfortunately a clear picture of the state of a dissolved electrolyte was not available at the time.

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