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Game of Thrones is the tv and written global phenomenon that has come from the brain of George R.R. Martin and his sequence of books, A tune of Ice and hearth. This publication includes trivialities and lots of fascinating proof concerning the lands of Westeros and Essos. From tales in regards to the filming of the sequence, stories from at the back of the digicam via to a bit extra historical past at the households and destinations within the online game of Thrones international. This publication is a must-have for any fan of the stories of the Iron Throne. 

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When the Lannistwer’s arrive at Winterfell where Robert Baratheon intends to name Eddard Stark as the new Hand of the King, the Queen’s carriage caused some problems in filming including knocking one of Winterfell’s gates off of it’s hinges. In the scene where a topless Robb Stark, Theon Greyjoy and Jon Snow are getting their hair cut in anticipation for the Kings arrival the characters are all showing some impressive abs. Show runner David Benioff revealed that the actors had done so many crunches just before the camera started running that the actors were just struggling not to throw up.

Facts Whilst on the Game of Thrones television series The Wall is a 700 foot structure made of ice, the tunnel that runs through it is made of cement and is dug into the side of the quarry in Northern Ireland where the set for Castle Black is. In the first scene of the series, when the Night’s Watch recruit named Will comes across the horrific discovery of a group of dead wildlings, the creepy girl that had just been changed into a White Walker was not a doll or even a little girl but a 19 year old actress playing the part.

The Lannister family are descended from the Andal adventurers that married the daughters of the King of the Rock, the King was descended from Lann the Clever, a trickster of Legend from the Age of Heroes who manipulated the Caterlys into giving him Casterly Rock. After the Field of Fire during the Targaryen Conquest, King Loren I surrendered and the Lannister were allowed to remain the lords of the wastelands. The Lannister family lost some of it’s prestige under the stewardship of Tytos Lannister before being brought back to prominence by his son Tywin Lannister who served as the Hand of the King to Aerys II.

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